🔴 Million Dollar Domains

    🔴 Updated sales and new offerings in the multi-million dollar Domain world. Supply is shrinking as more companies grab rare desirable and irreplaceable domain names. Review of trends, names for […]

    RealTalk: a VC, CTO, CEO & Founder talk & answer questions

    Between us we’ve been VCs, investors, CTOs, CEOs, founder & biz execs. We talk startups, tech, fundraising & life...ask the questions you've been saying to ask here! And welcome!

    Founder Office Hours: 👋 Bring questions. 🤘 Get answers!

    What are you struggling with? Where are you stuck? What’s preventing you from making the progress you want? You’re not alone in the obstacles you encounter and we’re here to […]

    🔴 The Name Game: Brand your Startup

    🔴 Naming your startup is a big deal. Once you have a great name, how do you match it with the right domain? Each week we let you pitch your […]